Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking for suggestions for new features (opening a poll soon).

I will be opening a poll somewhere next week, in which you can vote a feature you would really like in Forward Kommander. I already have some in mind, but if you can think up better features, feel free and put them here as comment or send them to the email address at the right side of the screen.

Here are the things I already have in mind:
* A copy/paste option for army lists (and maybe collections).
* A signature generator for forums, in which FK will keep updated with your collection and painting progress.
* Option in army builder: "All options", "Options I own", "Options I painted"
* A button randomly generate an army list based on your collection and/or painted miniatures.
* Adding print options: only grids, only list, combined print and seperate list and grid print
* Adding hordes factions to the collection screen
* Restyle the collection screen to look better
* Whatever you suggest!


  1. Tiered army lists (you can borrow my Retribution book when I get it in!) :-D

  2. Could you fix Sam MacHorne and the Dogs to be 5/7 cost?

    I use them all the time, and that's the biggest thing that's preventing me from using Forward Kommander.

  3. Does your program have an option to print your name at the top of a hardcopy of the army list? I print these out for tounaments and always forget to write my name at the top of the page. It'd be nice if it were there automatically.

    Also, as you are building a list, does your program mention how many points you have left to spend rather than just how many you have used so far? It'd be helpful to decide about how many more models you can still buy.