Saturday, October 24, 2009

I ain't death!

I there have not been any updates lately and that there still are some (small) mistakes in the army lists. This has three reasons, the first is that implementing tiers is a bitch (thanks PP ;) ), the second is that there is big tourney coming up next weekend where I want to show up fully painted, the third is that I had my wisdom tooth extracted last monday and I had headache for 5 days straight because of that.

The planning as I see it now:
Next week: get epic morghoul, the blood runners and the tormentor painted.
After that: try to get the tiers running smoothly.
Later: fix the army lists, the delete list option and the copy to clipboard option.
Even later: get FK ready for the hordes field test.
Start of december: release FK with the hordes field test in it.

Just letting you guys here something from me!