Monday, September 14, 2009

Forward Kommander Future Feature Poll

I have added the poll for the future features of your favorite army builder. It's at the right side of the screen. I will try to at least implement the top 3 of this list before starting a new poll. The poll will be open for one week.
* Theme tiers (1 to 4) support and add them to the Retribution list
* Adding print options: only grids, only list, combined print and seperate list and grid print, additional option to add name and free text field
* Restyle the collection screen to look better
* A copy/paste option for army lists (and maybe collections).
* Option in army builder: "All options", "Options I own", "Options I painted"
* A button randomly generate an army list based on your collection and/or painted miniatures.
* Adding hordes factions to the collection screen
* A signature generator for forums, in which FK will keep updated with your collection and painting progress.
* A counter to show how many points are left


  1. My vote is for Printing Options, and if I get a second choice it would be for Themes once they come out.

  2. I voted themes. Since most themes break FA rules, they cannot be built properly until FK supports them.