Thursday, November 14, 2013


Added Woldwrath to Mohsar Tier
Fixed Tactical Arcanist Corps not beeing usable in Highborn/4Star
Infiltrators are now selectable in Standard Retribution Lists
Fixed Borka not being able to take night troll or mountain king in battlegroup

New Stuff:

Added Earthbreaker

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bug fix heaven!

What I did:
- When you click scyrah in collection manager cyriss pops up and vice versa. 

What Robert (a0bad) did:
New Models:
-Tactical Arcanist Corps
-Reflex Servitors
-Stormblade Captain
-Iron Fank Kovnik
-Mage Hunter Infiltrators
-New Journeyman Warcasters for all Factions
-Eiryss 3 
-Silver Line Stormguard
-Raluk Moorclaw
-Exemplar Bastion Seneschall
-Sturgis for Cryx and Cygnar
New Tiers:
-NQ44: Rahn 
-NQ49: Testament of Menoth
-NQ50: Thagrosh and Siege
/* NOTE:
As you can see the free Warbeast per Beast Mistress is not working. This is known and currently not fixable due to internal Problems. 
-Cyriss Colossal Damage Grid
-Added Cyriss Tier List Names 
-Fixed UA for Cyriss Units
-Eradicators now cost 9 pts for max not 10
-eKrueger NQ Tier fixed - no Megalith allowed
-Zerkova Tierlist fixed
-Warhog and Roadhog damage grids were too big
-Boneswarm damage grid was too small

And on many requests:
-returned the big point sizes with more casters. Aswell made a 10k points list to count your army points :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

How about a little convergence!

Yes it in!
Thanks again to a0bad.
And thanks to two people who helped with the grids!

New Features:
- Added Convergence of Cyriss

- Lyly 3 T2 only need 1 Unit
- added Afflictor
- added Incindiarii
- added Outrider
- Blood Pack Unit Size is now correct 4/6
- Bog Trog Shamblers FA:2 in Blindwater
- Added Shambler to Tierlists

Currently not fixable:
- All foreach Boni in Tier lists
- Man o War Kovnik Increasing FA of Man o War per Model, not once only

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A gargantuan release!

It is here! Finally. Thanks for all you patience. If you want to thank somebody, thank a0bad, he did all the hard work.