Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bug fix heaven!

What I did:
- When you click scyrah in collection manager cyriss pops up and vice versa. 

What Robert (a0bad) did:
New Models:
-Tactical Arcanist Corps
-Reflex Servitors
-Stormblade Captain
-Iron Fank Kovnik
-Mage Hunter Infiltrators
-New Journeyman Warcasters for all Factions
-Eiryss 3 
-Silver Line Stormguard
-Raluk Moorclaw
-Exemplar Bastion Seneschall
-Sturgis for Cryx and Cygnar
New Tiers:
-NQ44: Rahn 
-NQ49: Testament of Menoth
-NQ50: Thagrosh and Siege
/* NOTE:
As you can see the free Warbeast per Beast Mistress is not working. This is known and currently not fixable due to internal Problems. 
-Cyriss Colossal Damage Grid
-Added Cyriss Tier List Names 
-Fixed UA for Cyriss Units
-Eradicators now cost 9 pts for max not 10
-eKrueger NQ Tier fixed - no Megalith allowed
-Zerkova Tierlist fixed
-Warhog and Roadhog damage grids were too big
-Boneswarm damage grid was too small

And on many requests:
-returned the big point sizes with more casters. Aswell made a 10k points list to count your army points :)


  1. Thanks very much! When you have time, it'd be great to build some Earthbreaker lists.

  2. Thanks for this update! It's really great!

  3. Mage hunteri infiltrators are not showing on the RoS default list, only in the Tier lists that allow them.

  4. Tactical Arcanist Corps appear to be available only for Searforge Commission, Khador default, Cygnar default, Gorten, Durgen and Ossrum tier lists. They work for Khador and Cygnar so they should also be available for Highborn Covenant and Four Star Syndicate lists.

  5. Tactical Arcanist Corps card says that it contains models A, B and C. If you print a list with damage grids, this unit is displayed as: Tactical Arcanist Leader, Tactical Arcanist Grunt A and Tactical Arcanist Grunt B.

  6. patch is already written and needs to be upped by kilvati

  7. No Infiltrators in Scyrah... Atleast I can't find them.

  8. Thanks for the update - and for keeping FK running! Robin is right the MHI only show up in the Theme Force.