Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Preview update/Menoth tier fixes

* Warpwolf stalker
* Shea tiers
* Diretroll bomber
* Titan sentry
* Missed the steelhead riflemen
* Rezniks Tier 1 also reduces the cost of the Reckoner Jacks by 1.
* Epic Severius's tier list breaks when you add the Covenant of Menoth - which is required for tier 2.

By the way, I always forget to mention this, but thanks all for the feedback! It makes this tool work.
Sadly I do not really have time for bigger updates at this moment, but I still hope you are happy with it!


  1. You do an outstanding job, keep it up.

  2. Yeah great job!

    Just wondering were you going to add the Magnus tiers?

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  4. Great work man. Between your hard work and Whicken's work with iBodger, i'm never without a great army bui... *ahem* army creator...

    Just found another small bug - Amon Ad'Raza's tier doesn't allow Allegiants of the Order of the Fist to be added to the army, but 3 of them are required for tier 3.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey. Thanks for the great tool. It's awesome. Just wanted to let you know that Narn and Eiryss both count as Mage Hunters for Kaelyssa's 3rd tier lists, as currently it's impossible to get to Kaelyssa's Tier 3 or 4 with ForwardKommander. Cheers!

  6. Just wanted to point out epic irusk tier should allow widowmakers. Thanks for all your work on this great tool.

  7. Excellent tool, thank you very much.

    I would just like to point out that the Amon tiers are broken. I think it's due to the fact that the Order of the fist solos are not listed in the tier one specifications, so when you try to add one, the tier goes away.

  8. Hello! Thank you for all.

    Sorry for my English but I'm Spanish.

    In tier-1 of the "High Exemplar Kreoss" there are a mistake, puts "blessing of vengeance" as correct option and is not like that, the correct option is " fire of salvation".


  9. I dont know if I am doing something wrong, but the collection manager is not saving the changes I made to it. When I add models or mark models as painted, they are not there when I return. Is there anything I should be doing after I make my changes? Pressing save or anything? Thanks.

  10. Epic Feora tier list is broken. Tier 2 it says you need 2 Temple Flameguard units, but it allows Flameguard Cleansners and Daughters of the flame. When it really is just Temple Flameguard.

  11. A little Feedback for the Tier lists:

    Epic Severius Tier List allows the Avatar of Menoth, which is not included in Forward Kommander.