Sunday, January 10, 2010

New stuff:

What I have done:
* Adjusted the trencher cost
* New stuff for 4 star
* Searforge +1 FA for all non character models
* Copy to clipboard
* There were problems with system resources used for a login.
Sadly I did not get everything done I wanted. Leaves me something for the next time I have some time on my hands.
Also I have decided that I will not put any effort in creating new Tiers for now, and wait for the Cygnar book. Because they are very hard to do and are better done when I know all the varieties.


  1. Thanks for the add-ons. One problem - the ATGMs and Long Gunners are for Highborn NOT Four Star. They can also include UAs, as can Magnus' Agenda, and therefore also Jack Marshall (at least in terms of the Trencher and ATGM UAs). I know you said you didn't get everything done you wanted to, but just wanted to point this stuff out.

  2. I feel your pain - the new Merc stuff took most of my weekend to cleanly integrate to my satisfaction, when I was hoping it would be just an hour or two of work. For iBodger, getting the theme-based variable points working required the largest code change, although there were lots of other minor bumps.

    Gonna be a long year implementing tiers, I think. :)