Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Did some minor fixes

Thanks for all the tips pointing to problems. What I fixed:
* Dannon Blight and his buddy showing up in Tallion Charter
* Lesser warbeasts are now payed out of beast points
* Croe's are now in Khador instead of Devildogs
* Typo in epic butchers name

If you found more, please let me know.
(I know the retribution tier granting a free mage hunter solo is not working correctly, but I haven't gotten around to fix it).


  1. new mercenary contract
    official forum show trench new cost of 6/10

  2. Forge Guard still need adding to the Four Star unit list.

  3. sorry keravin but forge guard can't play for four star...

  4. Another vote for dropping the Trencher point cost to 6/10, as per the final print-edition of Prime Mk II.

    Ditto on the additions to the merc contracts - you can use attachments for Magnus Agenda loyalists now; likewise Highborn can add ATGMs or a Long Gunners, both with UA option.

    Thanks! Terrific program, by the way - my go-to link for all things army building.

  5. +1 on the trenchers now costing 6/10

  6. As another Prime MK II owner, I can confirm 6/10 as the new cost of the Trenchers.

    I think I figured out a visual glitch as well. It seems that the list box that contains the saved armies does not take double-line entries into account. Some Hordes warlocks have names and titles long enough to cause this, as do army names beyond a certain length. I've taken a screenshot to illustrate.

    I was also wondering if you had implemented the Animosity rules? Right now you can put Fiona and Harlan Versh in an army together which is illegal due to his Animosity: Thamarite.

    As always, thanks for a great program!