Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why is it taking so #$%@ing long?

I have been strugling with my energy levels the last month and just cannot seem to get to working on forward kommander. I also seem to have lost weight over this period to almost the minimum and feel a little bit limp. Now I have noticed this problem I will first try to get my act together.

FK is not dead! And I will work on FK again, it is only taking slightly longer.


  1. Get to a doctor? That all sounds like a red flag for something bad, really bad. FK can burn in the mean time.

  2. Yeah man, thanks for telling us you're still planning to work on it, but we'll be glad to wait a little while until you make sure you aren't DYING.

  3. Those are "you may have cancer, thyroid, and/or anxiety issue" symptoms. Go to a doctor, now.

  4. Health > Silly Internet folks who like some stuff you do. Feel better soon! You're a huge boon to the PP community.

    As a suggestion, once you're feeling better, if you can find somebody you trust to help you run FK they could help debug, fix issues, add new models/tiers... keep some stress off of you.

  5. Hope you feel much better soon, and keep up the sterling work.

    Tyrant Swabs

  6. In Void Seer Mordikaar's tier list the level 2 bonus is a free non-FA Void Spirit for every two units in the army. The Forward Kommander tool only allows one free Void Spirit but not additional ones after a fourth and sixth unit.

  7. Get yourself sorted before you even think about FK again.

    But when you are back, noticed there are no Dawnguard Invictor Officer/Standard Bearer option for Retribution, but two entries for the Sentinel Officer/Standard Bearer.

  8. While FK is a great and useful tool, for myself and many others, I think I speak for all of us when I say, Forget about it, and go see a Doctor, NOW!!!, we would rather wait for bug fixes etc than see you get sicker.

  9. Step 1. Doctor
    Step 2. Put sign on the front page that says this.
    Step 3. Get well
    Step 4. Come back and do stuff when sorted.