Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hordes Fieldtest online!

Here it is! Enjoy!
If you find any problems, please let me know.

Up for the next release, mostly small fixes:
* only epic magnus with skorne
* A&H; are not two models in the list
* Amps in names and stuff break XML
* Saving and the open load screen
* Sorting of similar stuff and changing does change the sort order
* Vyros, free UA does not count toward FA, but it does, same goes for the UA of kaelyssa
* Commodore only with Shae
* Only one Duel format remains, the smallest one.


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  2. Some typos in the Trollblood list:

    Stone Scribe Chronicler


  3. Awesome job Kilvati!

    Small thing to look at (and seems petty considering how amazing it is to have up here today) but the life spirals dont print out very well for me. Might just be me, but the numbers are showing a broken link for 5 and 6 and the bottom halves of the 'merged' bit of the branches appears to have been scaled up (about 2x?) so that there are small semi-circles top and large halves on the bottom.

    Minor things! I'm happy to have any functionality here at all, just thought you'd like a quick bug report!

  4. That was quick!

    I noticed a few things not working right. You cannot select Legion in the collection editor, "Lylyth" should be spelled with all "y"s, and their artillery is the "Scather Crew".

    Saxon Orrik should not be legal for Legion lists. He works for almost everyone, but not Legion.

    Thanks again for the great software.

  5. Just noticed that Orrik is also appearing in Cygnar and Highborn. He works for all factions except Cygnar, Legion, and Retribution. He can only be played in Four Star mercenary contract armies.

  6. Hi, me again. I've noticed a new behavior when the site is loading. Every instance of an image (such as the six/ten trooper pips, or the normal/epic icons, etc) seems to be loading as an individual copy of that image now. So instead of loading 7-10 images, it's loading 60+. And sometimes it reloads them all if you switch factions, or click on certain things. This is really slowing the site down (at least from a dialup perspective), and more importantly it's probably costing you a lot of unnecessary bandwidth. I've probably downloaded the "normal model" icon 40 times in this session alone. Even at only a kilobyte or so, it will add up quickly.

  7. Just noticed "Thagrosh" and "Saeryn" are also typoed.

    The image loading issues and double click issues I was experiencing seem to be resolved now.

  8. The Tier 2 for Ravynn says you get 1 free mage hunter SOLO, not just stipulating its a free mage hunter assasin. So you can have an assasin, Eiryss or Epic Eiryss for free. On Eiryss' card its states she is a mage hunter, that how this can be done because of that wording.

  9. "Orboros" is the correct spelling. It is spelled wrong numerous times in the Circle area...