Sunday, August 30, 2009

Did bite off more then I can chew

Hi all,

I am not death, I have just been to France. Work will continue on the army builder shortly, but just before my vacation I started a change to the right part of the army builder to better match the left part. This turned out to be more troublesome then expected and to be honest, I am more focused at the tournament which is coming in two weeks at the moment. After that I hope to get a new release up and running as soon as possible.

Things I want to get done after this update is:
* Add Retribution
* Get a copy and paste out option for lists

After that I my wish list is still open, so all suggestion are welcome. Maybe the option in which you can only build armies with models in your collection or the "random army" option. By the way, besides this brand new blog there is also a shiny new email address to go with it: [email protected] (any problems with the list are welcome!).

So I am not death, FK is not death, it even getting more alive in the future, trying to listen to it's users!