Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now with circle & minion book stuff!

And a bunch of minor fixes (the quick wins, will have to make time for the other stuff soon). Please enjoy! And please let me know any problems at info (at) forwardkommander (dot) com.

If you have any problems with hordes lists, clear your browser cache.



  1. Are you going to be adding the Tiers released in the most recent No Quarter?

  2. Looks like there's a bug in the Calaban Teir list. It references IU02 and IU04 instead of actual units.

  3. For the second tier of Carver:

    ...additionally reduce the points cost of light warbeasts in rorsh's battlegroup by 1, and of heavy beasts in his battlegroup by 2.

    It doesnt work right now.

  4. When you paste the army in the clipboard, the cost is not reduce for the tier (see for Carver tier list : farrow brigand for 7 points appear for 8 points

  5. Good stuff, looking forwards to the rest of the updates.

    Wish I had the know-how to do this for a few other systems.

  6. Great work, 2 points:

    Morvahna theme list allows the stone keeper
    Kromac Theme allows Nuala the Huntress

    Thanks for this awesome site!

  7. in pKaya tier 4 is mistake - You don't have to have ALL beasts, only 2 if i remember correctly