Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skorne and character jacks in!

Hi all,

I am again tired a lot lately and sitting behind the computer figuring out hitpoints and tiers isn't at my mind at those moments, I finaly got an update in.
Since I do not really have the time at the moment and I lost track on what spoilers I did miss, I would like to ask you guys to send them in. I will do the trolls when I have the book in my hands.
What I need is the name, the hitpoints, the FA and special list building restrictions.
If you are missing anything please let me know. I am slacking on some hard to do stuff until I have some time to dive into code.

Thanks for waiting!

What I have done:
Added Skorne stuff
Added: new character jacks
Thanks to Gaarew, Janos and Sagojo: Magnus Tier 2 lists SH Heavy Cav twice, rather than them and the Riflemen.
Thanks to Andrey: I'm playing Khador and I found that when you try to print the roster with damage grids for Karchev 'The Terrible' - there are missing pictures with the 'Body' system. Could it be fixed somehow? :)
Thanks to Elly: Widowmakers are not in Prime Irusk's Theme List
Thanks to Moonova: You have Thrullg down as FA: C it is FA:2 according to NQ#31.
Thanks to Dan: pNemo's tier list is set up way too broad. He shouldn't be able to take either Precursors or Sword Knights and still get the tier bonus.
Thanks to Nathan and John: Warwitch Deneghra's 2nd tier is not counting Warwitch Sirens.
Thanks to Nathan and Janos: The titles for Krueger are backwards. The first Krueger is the Stormwrath, while his epic form is the Stormlord. His warbeast points are the same, so it doesn't matter in that sense, but it does take extra diligence for bringing the list to a tournament.
Thanks to Drew: Viktor Pendrake is a Cygnar Ally model and should be available to Highborn Covenant armies.
Thanks to Kelly: Captain Allister Caine T2 requires two Arcane Tempest Gun Mage units to get the tier bonus. It's currently triggering the tier and bonus with just one.
Thanks to Arian: taking macbain under highborn causes duplicates of macbain and jacks to appear
Thanks to Nick: Can we get this fixed please. Steelhead Riflemen should be included in offering the T2 bonus. Thanks.
Thanks to Frédéric: The Hammersmith have no range attack and is not in the tier of Haley.
Thanks to Frédéric: Thorn is a light warjack and do not count for tier 4 for Haley


  1. eMakeda tier3 is not correct, this should be Tyrant Rhadeim, not Orin Midwinter.

    Also it is Rhadeim, not Rhadiem.

  2. Triumph isn't highlighted in green when trying to make an Siege Brisbane tier list.

  3. Discordia should be allowed in Rahn's Tier lists.

  4. Thanks mate, I appreciate it greatly! ;)

  5. When you meet a tier requirement in tier lists that allow you to select a "free" solo from 2 or more different options, if you choose to max out the FA on them, the builder erroneously lets you take 1 extra solo of each type for "free" after meeting the tier, instead of just one of a specific type. The only ones I've noted this happening to are Strakhov and eKreoss, but there may be more.

    As an example, Strakhov's tier 3 lets you take an extra Manhunter or Widowmaker Marksman. You should only be able to take 3 MHs and 1 WMM or 2 MH and 2 WMM, but the program's letting you take 3 and 2.

    Also, a very... nitpicky point and I apologise for it, but you have Circle Orboros listed as Circle "of" Orboros. The "of" isn't supposed to be in there.

  6. I'm sorry... maybe I'm missing something, and I love the program, but I cannot print a thing! Any idea why? It's been months now, and I keep thinking someone, somewhere is going to mention this, but when I go to print my lists, I hit "print" and nothing happens. Is this a Vista thing?

  7. Triumph should be available for Sieges Tier list. it should also count for the Tier 4 as it is considered a Defender.(It is just a character version of one)

  8. Come on we need an new update ;) Please :D

  9. EStryker's tier 2 give you a free Stormblade UA that doesn't count towards FA, currently the list creator doesn't let you take a second one after the free one is added.