Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bugfix release for Forward Kommander

In between demanding RL stuff, I got this fix in for you guys, enjoy! And please let me know any problems.

* To much sorting arrows for jackmarshalling weapon attachments
* Multiple warcasters seems to be broken
* New models:
* Exemplar Errant Seneschal
* Vassal Mechanik
* Statyxis Blood Hag (Unit not there)
* Bane thrall Officer & Standard
* Tier problems:
* Lord Commander Stryker's theme army is incorrect. It decreases PC of StormCLADs by one, not Storm LANCEs. The same mistake is present in T4 - it requires two Stormclads, not two units of Storm Lances.
* Siege tiers - Trencher Infantry and Trencher Commandos get the -1 bonus, not Rangers.
* Karchev's tiers don't allow Behemoth. He should be allowed.
* Karchev tier 3 only requires one unit of Greylords, you have it requiring two.
* Vlad Tier 4 requires only Berzerkers and Drago to be valid, you have Marauder listed.
* I Believe Winter Guard weapon crews count as "Winter Guard units" for Sorscha's tiers, but they aren't showing up as such.


  1. There is an issue with Tier 3 for the Retribution Caster Kaelyssa. The text in the Retribution Book state "four or more Mage Hunter Solos" where Forward Kommander limits it as "Four or more Mage Hunter Assassin" This is a copy from Garryth's Tier where 4 MHA are possible. Kaelyssa doesn't have the FA exception to allow her to add 4 MHA. She needs to add Eiryss, Narn, and two Mage Hunters in normal FA to achieve this Tier.

  2. I have a feature request I didn't see in your last poll. With the league and at other times we can often have a point total other than the standard. For example right now I need to make a 37 pt list. It would be great if there was a field to be able to enter a number to add the chosen point total.

    Great job with the program thought, we really appriciate it.

  3. The feature Aardon is asking for is also useful for extra casters at lower point levels for special games like Thunderdome (all casters). This feature is available on iBodger.

  4. I would make my request a superlow priority. When I actually went to make my list I went the obvious route and just picked a higher limit. :-) Then just used only up to my unusual limit.