Monday, April 12, 2010

At last! A new release, and not a small one this time!

The tiers of Feora, Retribution, Cygnar and Khador have gone into beta, so feel free to test them and please send feedback to [email protected] The tiers have been a lot of work, because of the interaction between some of them and the configuration for each warcaster is fault sensitive.
Other great news is that I now have a sponsor, as you can see. They also helped me with the new kick-ass logo. So if you want new mini's look at first.

All fixes in this new version:
* Changing amounts does change the sort order if more of the same
* Cygnar tiers
* The Tier 2 for Ravynn says you get 1 free mage hunter SOLO, not just stipulating its a free mage hunter assasin. So you can have an assasin, Eiryss or Epic Eiryss for free. On Eiryss' card its states she is a mage hunter, that how this can be done because of that wording. (Great program. I was making a retribution list with Ravyn when I noticed her Tier was set up wrong. Tier two is limited to Mage Hunter Assassin when it should be any Mage hunter solo (Narn, Nayl, Eriyss or the assassin). Also doing the list I could get Tier one to light up and tier their but two never turned orange.)
* Feora tiers
* Khador tiers
* units with FA:U due to tier are only showing 6 size option
* New banner
* Added venethrax
* Added vindicus


  1. Some errors I noticed...

    I was making a 150 pt, 3 caster list...

    When I clicked a caster with a prime and epic form, I got both versions
    When I clicked a unit with a min and max size, I got both types
    When I clicked on the up/down arrow to move a jack between battlegroups, it erased the jack from the list completely.

  2. EStryker's Tiers don't accurately drop the price of Stormclad jacks. But this is an awesome update Thanks!

  3. Outstanding start on the tiers. Found two things.

    Karchev's tiers don't allow Behemoth. He should be allowed.
    Karchev tier 3 only requires one unit of Greylords, you have it requiring two.

  4. One more, Vlad Tier 4 requires only Berzerkers and Drago to be valid, you have Marauder listed.

    I really like the way you did the tiers. Its not what I was expecting but its very clever.

  5. eStryker tiers - Stormclads get the -1 bonus, not Storm Lances.

    Siege tiers - Trencher Infantry and Trencher Commandos get the -1 bonus, not Rangers.


  6. I believe Winter Guard weapon crews count as "Winter Guard units" for Sorscha's tiers, but they aren't showing up as such.

    Good work, love this tool.

  7. it looks like units are getting entered in duplicate while using more than one caster.

    Also moving beasts between casters is causing problems - it's just deleting them.

  8. P.S. - Using Opera

  9. I didn't say it earlier in my error report...FANASTIC UPDATE and thanks for the hard work in producing this great tool for all of us!

  10. Bug report:
    When I click the arrows to move a jack to another controller in multiple caster lists, it is deleted instead of being move. There also seems to be some kind of save error at point levels above 100. When I go to load the saved lists it isn't complete.

    Excellent update and an indespenible tool for me.

    And I will be whooping your ass on Thursday, John. :D

  11. Greetings from Malaysia

    Awesome project!!! I love it. i have posted on my store's forums so my gamers can all help to tinker and fix your site with feedback...

    Good Luck

    Francis Wolf
    Wolf Games Shop Malaysia

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  13. Working on a 200 pt troll list and I'm seeing the same problems noted above with moving beasts. I also cannot add any of the UA's or WA's as they stay gray even when the unit is in the list.

    Great tool by the way, thanks for your time and effort.

  14. When trying to pu together a Haley and Kraye 100 point list, the program wouldn't allow me to move around the allocation of Jacks. If I tried to move a jack from Kraye up to Haley or down to Jr, it would get dropped from the list

  15. My apologies if this is a known problem or if the problem is the user:

    I can't seem to take mercenary 'jacks in a two-'caster Cryx list where one of the 'casters is Magnus.

  16. I hate to add to the bug list, but I noticed that when I'm building lists with multiple casters, I can't select any UAs or FAs for my units.

  17. I wanted to report an error.

    Precursor and Alexia can not coexist on the same list.